How To Grow My Business

Iron Sharpens Iron, so one sharpens another

Don't boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.

How many times have you thought up a great idea! But then somewhere along the way you realize that it's really difficult to do this by yourself. I'm sure many of us have had to deal with this challenging aspect of being self-employed, freelancing or working within a company structure.

You think "I can get this done on my own" As someone who is #neurodiverse for a long time I believed this to be true! I believed that (a) that nobody understood me and (b) I can get it done faster without anyone slowing me down or stealing the thunder of my excitement right out from underneath my feet.

I can confess from personal experience that it doesn't work and I personally don't have all the answers at all. In fact as a self-employed worker. I spend more time reading, watching or listening to others who know more about certain things than me. How did I learn this? From home, school, life or experiences. In my case, my Dyslexia though seen by the word as a disease or illness for me is my superpower. It gives me the ability to see and do things in a way others don't, see or can predict.

This allows me to stay ahead in "certain" areas of my business keyword being "my" because - YES! that's right Prayer Pixel doesn't belong to Jeff or Sarah on Linkedin who just posted a video this morning and you're wondering should be posting a video? For some of us, the answer will be yes, but for others maybe the answer is no.

But guess what they just did for you for free without you having to pay anyone anything! They challenged you to dig deeper to look inward and outwardly to make sure your business is in good health.

Contrary to today's belief failure and the challenge is good! You can't get better at something without failing and then being challenged to overcome that fault or mistake and be a better person or offer a better service.

Take-Home Encouragement

No matter what you're going through today is this challenging times, remember that you are unique and made special! There isn't anyone else like you and you've been created to shine in your unique way to be a blessing to others.

So when you come face to face with that person who rubs you the wrong way or you're fearful of failure and the challenges you have to face. Take a deep breath and allow let go! You are not them nor your circumstances and you can do the impossible.

Music to work to:

If you're in need of some calming or relaxing music to carry you through these challenging days. Here are you chill tracks I've created to keep you smiling and hopefully looking forward in your everyday.

Psalm Lab Music

Stay safe and God Bless.