Introducing Simple Labs

When I first started working as a freelance graphics designer 16 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing or what it would require to become one. All I had was a vague idea based on some of the creatives I followed and Dribbble the show and tell platform for designers.

I encountered many different kinds of clients from individuals to larger corporate businesses and local businesses that simply needed a quick touch up or a new logo designed.

Though there were many challenges along the way, those experiences helped to shape my career and personal life. Once i’d dusted myself off and looked at the positives I was able to gain a fresh perspective. This enabled me to take all the lessons I had learned and inject it into my life, business and creative projects. It wasn’t until a few months ago I began to ask myself the question.

I wonder if anyone else is struggling with working alone?

Or even feeling unsupported during the weekly climb of entrepreneurs, freelancers or simply having no idea where to start.

And thus a new idea was born!

Simple Labs is a Lab for neurodivergent , entrepreneurs, freelancers & creative others. Encouraging each other with simple solutions in business. Through meetups, lab sessions, face to face coaching and digital skills swap, the Lab helps you to connect the dots so you don’t have to. This is for you! To nurture your talent and together discover the importance of a simple renewed perspective towards our work, ideas and digital strategy.

Exciting features:

  • Meetups (Regular monthly meetups both offline and online)
  • Lab Sessions (Design reviews or Digital skill swaps & Drop-in’s)
  • Talent + (Content creator support& Opporunities)

Not enough information? Well here’s a video to explain it better

In the future I’ll be adding more features to both the meetups & website in time. I’m really looking forward to sharing more with you. If you’d like to attend, our first meetup will be on the 20th of February at Levels Cafe & Loungein Edinburgh.Eventbrite details here.

Head over to Simple Labs we hope you find it useful and also learn the importance of simple renewed perspective towards growing your brand and business.

If you have anymore questions hit us up on twitter or email